I’ll try not to make this sound like a Tinder bio.

I’m Olivia, my friends call me Liv, and this is my “travel” blog, Irin Ajo Naa. I was born in Washington DC but I've lived in a few cities since then. I grew up traveling and I guess you could say it manifested in my adolescence. 

Irin Ajo Naa means the Journey in Yoruba, my father's native tongue. I’m a Nigerian Jamaican American (mouthful) woman who is passionate about traveling and writing so when I decided that it was finally time to take my hobbies and make them into a career, I combined the two and created Irin Ajo Naa.

I believe that life is a journey with no destination. Life is a complex yet incredibly beautiful gift that we've been given to explore and discover. As we age, we grow further and deeper into ourselves and learn about who we are, the world around us and our place in it. We journey through life discovering and exploring. Though it may seem like we don't know where we're headed or what to do next, it is all a part of our ever-changing journey. One step leads to the next as we progress and adapt. I enjoy those journeys more than the ones that are planned out and lined up anyway, I like taking the unbeaten path and creating new footprints. Traveling the world brings me closer to my Self, it puts me in the position to constantly challenge my idea of who I am and the abilities I carry. It brings me to those undiscovered depths within. I travel externally as a method of traveling internally.

Life is about the journey, not the destination.
— unknown

With that said, I wish I could say that this blog has always been a dream of mine, something I've been working towards for years or that I woke up one day and decided to share my life with the world but that would be untrue. In reality, at least three dozen people pushed me to create Irin Ajo Naa— thank you all for seeing my potential before I did. Truthfully, I made every excuse in the world to avoid this, but you can’t run from what’s meant for you. It took me a few years of running to realize I could no longer escape it. So, I’m embracing it.

I will share with you my tales of success and failure, my travel secrets, tips, stories and experiences while mixing it up with random bouts of wisdom I’ve gained along my travels. They say it’s good to define your blog and stick to that but I’m mainly just looking for it to be a place where people come to learn some things and share some others. This will be a platform for me to share the paths I’ve taken on my journey to get to where I am. Quite simply, this is a major step on my journey to live a completely fulfilled life. I aspire to change, evolve and live a life full of purpose and prosperity and that will be reflected here. I’m shedding my fears and taking control of my life so I can be my best self and utilize my unlocked potential.

Join me on my journey.